About Us

Sole Mare has offered premium quality chunk-style tuna, flavoured tuna and tuna meals for almost 20 years. Today, Sole Mare extends its expertise in canned seafood with new mackerel, anchovies, sardines and shellfish. Sole Mare is a 100% Australian-owned brand that is steeped in European heritage and artisan tradition. We combine with care the finest of our sea and land produce to create seafood products like no other. Sole Mare seafood is preserved in the most authentic Mediterranean style, conserving its natural texture.  Our succulent Sole Mare products will enrich an array of dishes from light salads to rich pastas and more.



We have made a long term commitment to sustainably sourced seafood to help protect our oceans for future generations. We also strongly believe and support an ethical workplace for all. For example it is a requirement that all of our tuna supply partners meet the international standards for labour rights set out for tuna production. This commitment and the compliance of our suppliers is unwavering and confirmed by regular, third party auditing of tuna production facilities. This means that we request full transparency of tuna sources and process through the supply chain to ensure slavery-free and ethical work practices.

We are aware of recent mis-information in the market which inaccurately claims that Sole Mare tuna supply chain is non-compliant to the international regulations relating to fair and ethical work practices. We would like to re-assure our customers and consumers that these claims are incorrect and the supply of Sole Mare tuna is in fact slave-labour-free. We are actively engaging with relevant interest groups and organisations including Greenpeace and are voluntarily offering full access and transparency of our 3rd party auditing documentation to rectify this misrepresentation.

You can read our Sustainability Policy for Tuna here or contact us have you any further questions.