Tuna Traceability

Interested in the journey of your Sole Mare Tuna? Sole Mare Tuna is sustainably fished and completely traceable! Simply enter the FAO code on the top of the can. For example, FAO71.


Sustainability Policy

At Sole Mare, we have made a commitment to sustainably sourced tuna to help protect our oceans for generations. Sole Mare only uses tuna that is Pole and Line or 100% FAD Free [1]. These fishing methods help ensure there is no destructive overfishing and are highly selective, minimising the chance of other marine life being harmed.

Sole Mare is proud that our tuna is 100% Dolphin Safe certified. Sole Mare condemns any shark finning practises in our supply chain and will not transact with any parties that partake in shark finning.

Fishing Zones

Sole Mare ensures that tuna only comes from stock areas that are deemed to be sustainable for the targeted species and use latest ISSF (International Seafood Sustainability Foundation)[1] data to change sourcing zones each year. To improve visibility, our cans are being printed with the fishing zone (on shelf by September 2017). Our internal auditing system allows for Sole Mare to track any can of tuna down to the individual fishing vessel, fishing zone and period of catch.

Fishing Vessels

We condemn the use of transhipments of tuna at sea and unregistered illegal fishing activities. Sole Mare will not purchase from suppliers who source from vessels that have been listed on any official blacklist and ensures that all vessels are compliant under EUCC (European Catch Certificate)[2] or US Fisheries Certificate of Origin[3].

Ethical Sourcing

Sole Mare believes and supports an ethical workplace for all. It is a requirement that all suppliers of our tuna meet the international standards for labour rights set out for tuna production. This commitment is confirmed by regular third party auditing of tuna production facilities.

For the Future

Looking to the future, Conga Foods is working with its partners to build a more sustainable fishing industry for future generations by supporting additional research into improved fishing techniques and marine parks.

Follow The Fish Journey

Please send us your details accompanied by the alphanumeric code printed on the tin here to trace the origin on the product purchased.


Together with our partners Sole Mare hopes to ensure an active aquaculture for years to come.


[1] International Seafood Sustainability Foundation – Not for profit organization that undertakes scientific-based initiatives for long term conservation and sustainable us of global tuna stocks.

[2] EUCC (European Catch Certification) or EU IUU policy set up to eliminate illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing to ensure that all vessels are correctly registered.

[3] US Fisheries Certificate of Origin Definition –regulates information to accompany each shipment fish species, fishing zone, fishing method/gear, vessel flag, catch period, vessel name, registration and Dolphin safe certification.