Sole Mare anchovies are made in Italy using traditional methods. After being preserved in salt for several months, our anchovies are expertly hand filleted and hand packed in 100% olive oil to ensure the best quality fillets and the richest flavour. Sole Mare anchovies are delicious on toast or as versatile ingredient in everyday’ s cooking, from pasta sauces to pizza topping.

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    Sole Mare Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil 70g

    Sole Mare anchovies in olive oil are made in Italy. Expertly hand filleted and hand packed to preserve their flavour and texture, Sole Mare anchovies are a versatile ingredient for everyday’ s cooking. Perfect in salads or simply add them to pasta sauces or pizza for a kick of flavour. Now available in the innovative easy peel pack, with a convenient resealable lid.

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    Nutritional Information


    Salted Anchovy Fillets [Anchovy, Salt] (60%), Olive Oil (40%). CONTAINS FISH

    Nutritional information

    Serving per10ml

    Average Quantity Per Serving Per 100g
    Energy 111kJ 1110kJ
    Protein 2.4g 24.0g
    Fat Total 1.8g 18.0g
    - saturated 0.4g 4.0g
    Carbohydrates Total 0.0g 0.0g
    - Sugars 0.0g 0.0g
    Sodium 495mg 4950mg